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From amazing sea view to inhaling the sea breeze, this is the perfect spa to visit and has the perfect location in sub-Saharan Africa. Seat down and enjoy our surrounding terrain , while we prepare to indulgent you in a body massage, a relaxing foot massage and much more..


Promotes relaxation and may stimulate or energize you, depending on the types of scents your massage therapist chooses.

Flamingo Touch

(30min or 60min)



Restoration Touch

(30min or 60min)



This light touch helps restore the central nervous system and improve irregular sleep patterns.

Lymphatic Touch (30min - 45 min)   (Lymphatic drainage)

Deep Namibian Touch (45 min - 60min)

(Deep tissue)


Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving severe muscle tension. It’s especially effective if you have musculoskeletal disorders, postural problems, or chronic muscle pain and tension. Avoid deep tissue massage if you have inflamed joints or ailments like lupus.

Blistering Stone Touch (30min - 60min) (Hot stone)


The massage therapist places hot stones on your body and often uses them to give the massage. The effect allows the therapist to go deeper while still using lighter pressure.

Pregnancy Massage (30min - 60min) (during & after)


Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels. It loosens muscular tightness and increase blood circulation.


This massage can help ease those aches and pains. Getting a massage during your pregnancy has all kinds of benefits including hormone regulation, improvement of nerve pain, reduced swelling, reduced back and joint pain, and even better sleep. 60min includes foot treat.




Reflexology (30min)                          (Reflexology)


It stimulates reflex points on your feet, often corresponding to a related organ. This type of massage could be a good fit for you if you enjoy foot massages.

Desert Sport Massage (30min - 45min) (Sport Massage)


You may take advantage of a sport massage before, during, or after athletic events. This helps relieve performance-related pains, promote flexibility, and even ward off potential injuries. Massage therapists often combine massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage to tailor to the athletes’ and sports’ particular needs.

Welwitschia Touch:

  • Back & Neck (30min - 45min) - POR

  • Back, Neck, Scalp (30min - 45min) - POR

  • Hand & Arm (30min) - POR 

  • Soya Candle (45min) - POR




Beauty Treatment.jpg

Beauty Treatment

Beauty Touch (Facials);

  • Basic: (60min) - POR

  • Deep Cleanse: (75min) - POR

Hand Touch (60min) (Manicure / nail treats);

  • Manicure gel overlay - POR

  • French Manicure - POR

  • French Manicure with tips - POR

Padicure Touch 60min                      (Foot treats);

  • Gel overlay - POR

  • Cleansing, Foot scrub, polishing & massage - POR

Teen Touch (Teen Treats)

  • Teen Beauty treatment (30min) - POR

  • Teen Hand Touch (30min) - POR

  • Teen Pedicure (30min) - POR

  • Teen Back & Neck & Scalp (30 min) -POR

WOW VIP Treat 60min                        (All-in-one fill body);

  • Foot spa, Full body massage, Beauty Touch (60 min) - POR

Mom to be;

  • Foot spa, back & neck (60min) - POR

Bridal Treat 1-4 people / 4-10

  • Foot spa, Beauty Touch, back & neck   (60min) - POR

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Massages & Beauty Treatmet
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